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Please feel free to add your comments, feedback, and opinions about this wiki page. I do not regularly check all the pages, but will respond to you when I find time.


Christian, 2014/08/04 16:03
Hi. Thanks for this awesome resource you created, I learned a lot about the methods I already used in SPSS w/out really knowing what they do. However, I wonder if you are aware of the lmerTest-package in R which does much of the significance-testing (Kenward-Roger i.e.) that you say you're missing in lmer4.
Best regards
Koji Yatani, 2014/08/14 05:19
Thank you, Christian. It was quite a long time ago when I wrote up the ANOVA article. No wonder that we have new packages with which we couldn't do significance testing before. I will look into it.

Guest, 2014/10/30 23:48
there is something wrong with your CAPTCHA check, doesnt work in CHROME
Kathy, 2015/02/16 21:25
Where were you when I was taking statistics in grad school? This is a great website and very helpful. Thank you for sharing all this valuable information.
Andrew Kurauchi, 2015/03/06 17:27
Hi Koji,

Thank you so much for this wiki! It is helping me to understand a lot better what the different tests are and how I should use them in my research.

Thank you!
Michael McGuffin, 2016/02/28 19:32
Thank you very much for making all this information available, Koji. It's the best resource I've found so far online for HCI researchers who want to use R.
Guest, 2016/07/16 05:58
An otherwise useful resource, please consider defining HCI (Human Computer Interaction?) here and there for those of us who land on these pages by mistake but keep reading. Thank you much.
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